28 juni, 2016

Our Services


Here we offer a numbers of variations on containers suiting your needs. We have everything from standard 20 to 40 feet containers to 20 and 40 feet flat racks there you can load extra wide and high cargo. We can also offer open top containers there you can load with a crane from the top. As our forte is complete logistics solutions we can help you deliver the container to preferred loading place and we can also help you with on carriage at destination if necessary. We also help you with necessary documentation that is mandatory to your destination.


If you only want to send a couple of cases/pallets from Sweden not having enough for a complete container, we can help you managing that in our consolidated cargo service. We can offer complete logistics solutions there we can help you with pick-up to our consolidation terminal and on carriage from harbor at destination to you customer. We also help you with necessary documentation that is mandatory to your destination.


If you are in a hurry to deliver your goods to your customer; Airfreight is a fine alternative for you. We offer fast and stable service as we often can collect your goods the same day as booking if it take place on the morning. Thereafter we deliver to your destination with suiting airline combined with on carriage to your customer if needed. We have high focus to deliver quick quotations as we of experience found that welcomed from our clients.


There are a lot of regulations and variations of transports that private persons must take a stand to when they for example shall move abroad. We help you to choose the best transportation and also help you with necessary documentation mandatory for your destination. We are always available for questions as we think this is very important so that our client can feel safe the whole way. We offer goods insurance if needed as we recommend that if an accident occurs.